Pleated Blinds & Perfect Fit Blinds Derbyshire

Pleated blinds offer a real modern dressing for your windows and are available in a whole variety of beautiful colours.

They are sleek in look and easy to operate via a cord or a simple tab. With their special properties pleated blinds are excellent for controlling heat and glare in rooms and conservatories.

We have the highly acclaimed Pleated Blinds collection from Louvolite that are particularly suitable for conservatories, where shaped skylight and side windows can be dressed with stylish fabrics that will help control heat and glare in summer. We have over 100 colours available in 20mm pleats – giving a very sleek modern look.

The Louvolite pleated blinds range incorporates the latest in technological advancements in terms of coatings. This includes Solar Protective Coating  and the even more advanced Solar Pearlised Finish that have advanced solar and optical properties that will filter light, reduce glare and help lower heat build up in your room.

Within this collection is the unique structure of the Cellular pleated blinds range. The honeycomb design has the dual benefit of enhancing the insulation qualities of the blind and improving the privacy levels for the occupants.

Pleated blinds can also be used as a ‘bottom-up’ blind as well – giving you the ultimate control over privacy & light. You can even have ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ incorporated within a single blind! See our ‘bottom-up’ blind section for more information on our complete bottom-up range.

Duolight blinds are a wonderful way to let light drift into your home without suffering from the glare of the sun. Smart and contemporary they also provide thermal properties which keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also raise to a small, neat stack that allows you to enjoy even more of the view outside.

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