Venetian Blinds Derbyshire

Venetian blinds are the perfect contemporary style statement and importantly offer great control over privacy and light.

Our collection has over 100 amazing colours – from naturals to metallics! They are simple to use and will dress your window in a cool contemporary style. They are available in four different slat widths – to ensure they suit all window sizes.

Venetian blinds are ideal for creating the ultimate style statement and extremely functional – they are also great for controlling the amount of light entering a room or reducing the light completely. They are available in four slat widths, including 15, 25, 35 and 50mm – ideal depending on the size of window, with 25mm being the most popular.

Aluwood venetian blinds are also available in 10 colours, giving the practicality of aluminium venetians with wood effect prints, from ash to oak and mahogany to cedar.

Also available are privacy venetians – these offer a completely new approach as there are no holes and hence total privacy. Great for use in AV or VDU areas where light is to be avoided. Perfect for residential, office and commercial use.

The matching white tapes on these High Gloss pure white blinds add a little bit of texture and style to the smooth, elegant finish on these faux wood slats.

The bright white colour is ideal for creating light at the window, accentuating bold colours in the rest of the room or matching with other light and creamy tones in a shabby chic or coastal theme.

Robust PVC slats make this blind into a true all-rounder; helping it to keep up in even the most challenging of environments, think a busy family bathroom or a mess prone kitchen. It can handle it.

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